Tiun – The Last and Highest Village of Lugvalley

Mata Fungni Temple, Tiun

Tiun is the last village of Lugvalley in the Kullu district. It is also the highest village in Lugvalley. Tiun village is famous for the ‘Fungni Mata’ temple which is situated in the centre of the village. The village is surrounded by cinematic scenes.

Geographical perspective

Tiun is located about 23 km away from the district headquarters Kullu. The height of the village is approximately 2703 meters. Mangarh is the name of the panchayat of Tiun. The view of the entire valley can be seen here.

Nearest City

Kullu is the nearest town to Tiun village which is 23 km away from the village. Kullu is also the district headquarters of the Tiun.

How to reach Tiun Village

Tiun is one of the most famous places in Lugvalley. You can reach here by road which takes around 2-2.5 hours from district headquarter Kullu then you have to walk around 1-1.4 hours to reach here.

You can travel about 16 km by bus to Kalang. Now you can walk from there or take about 3 km of the unpaved road to Kadingcha. You can travel by this road to save time but it is a very narrow and unpaved road. After that one has to walk for about 1-1.5 hours to reach Tiun village. On your visit to Tiun, you will be struck by many villages and cinematic scenery that will leave you mesmerized.

Best places to visit near Tiun

There are lots of places to visit/travel to. Some of the following are as follows:

  • Mata Fungni Temple, Tiun
  • Dehna saur (trek & camp)
  • Bhubhu Pass (trek)
  • Bapis Saur Lake
Nature View from Lugvalley

There are also sacred places. You need permission to go there. Aside from this, some rules also have to be followed. Also, tobacco and leather are strictly prohibited in this area.

Nearest Schools

  • Govt. Primary School Tiun
  • Govt. High School Karingcha
  • Govt. Sen. Sec. School Shallang
  • Primary School Sammana
Primary School Tiun

Nearest Temples

  • Mata Fungni Temple, Tiun
  • Devta Narayan, Smallang
Mata Fungni Temple, Tiun
Image by @thakr_anshu

Nearest Villages

  • Smallang
  • Karingcha
  • Sammana


Tour and Travel

We also offer trekking and camping in the valley as per the availability. So if you are interested in trekking and camping in the valley or want to visit the valley, please get in touch with us at info@waysfare.com

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