Tarapur Garh – One of the Highest Treks in Kullu-Mandi

Nature View from Lugvalley

Tarapur Garh is situated at the top of the height of Kullu and Mandi Border. An amazing view of nature can be seen here. You can also get an incredible view of the valley and mountains which can captivate your mind. Here you feel surrounded by clouds in the sky which you would never have felt in the past.


According to the people of the valley, Kullu and Mandi were two separate states in the olden days. Tarapur Garh was between the states of Kullu and Mandi. Soldiers from the valleys often fought there to defend their kingdom. The king lived in the Fort situated on the highest peak of Tarapur Garh. The fort is now destroyed over time. Now you can see only stones there. There are also some small pieces of metal on the stones. Some say that these are signs of war between kings in ancient times. At the same time, some say that these are hailstones of metals, which were rained here.

Tarapur Garh, Lugvalley

How to reach Tarapur Garh

Via Road:

There are three routes to reach Tarapur via Kullu-Bhumteer-Mathasur, Kullu-Kaisdhar and Mandi-Padhar-Droon.

  • via Kullu-Bhumteer-Mathasaur Rd: First of all, you travel from Kullu town to Bhumteer by road, you have to go from Lugvalley road to Bhumteer village where the road ends, the trek starts towards Tarapur Garh through dense deodar forest. From here it takes 3-4 hours to reach the destination. You can see many places and villages during the trek which will fascinate you.
Mathasaur Ground
  • via Kullu- Kaisdhar Trek: This is the fastest and shortest route from Kullu to Tarapur Garh. The trek via this is not that long. Once your road trip is over it takes only 30-40 minutes to reach Kaisdhar. In this way, you can reach Kaisdhar in one and a half hours (approx. 20km). After that, it takes around 2-3 hours to reach Tarapur Garh.
Kaisdhar Rest House
  • via Mandi-Padhar-Droon Rd: First of all, you travel via Mandi-Padhar-Droon by road. After that, it takes 1-2 hours to reach the destination.

If you want to enjoy the trek then you can try the other two ways which are much better than the third one. It is completely up to you. But as I said earlier, the view of nature from Tarapur Garh captivates your soul. You can witness an incredible valley view from there which will leave you spellbound.


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