Kaisdhar – The best Trek from Kullu to Lugvalley

Kaisdhar view

Kaisdhar is a beautiful place in the Kullu Valley, approximately 19 km (11.8 mi) from the city of Kullu, with grasslands and thickly forested mountains. Kaisdhar is located at an altitude of 8,300 feet (2530 m) above sea level. Kaisdhar is also known by the locals as ‘Kansdhar’.

Kaisdhar is one of the most beautiful places in Kullu-Manali, most of the time the locals go to feed their cattle. It is a part of the trekking route and is not connected via road, so the natural environment is protected. The main attraction of Kaisdhar is the Forest Rest House, which was built by the British Government in 1920-21.

Kaisdhar Rest House
Kaisdhar Rest House

Apart from this, Kaisdhar is an attractive picnic spot in the Kullu valley, surrounded by tall cedar trees. This place offers a panoramic view of the Kullu Valley. Kaisdhar is an excellent place to spend some lax time in the lap of nature. 

How to reach Kaisdhar

Via Road:

There are three routes to reach Kaisdhar via Badah – Pah Nala Rd, Peej rd and Jonga-Buai rd.

  • via Badah – Pah Nala Rd: This is the fastest and shortest route from Kullu to Kaisdhar. The trek via this is not that long. Once your road trip is over it takes only 20-25 minutes to reach Kaisdhar from Charmali. In this way, you can reach Kaisdhar in one and a half hours (approx. 20km).
  • via Peej Rd: To reach Kaisdhar from Kullu city, you have to go towards Lugvalley road to Badai village (3 km). From Badai, a road is diverted towards Peej which is about 10 km. After reaching Peej where the road ends, the trek towards Kaisdhar through the dense cedar forest begins. It takes 3-4 hours to reach the open place after crossing the forest. 
  • via Buai Rd: The road is still unpaved but offers a great view of the valley. You can travel about 20 km by road from Kullu to Baui. After that, the trek starts. The trek starts through the dense deodar forest towards Kaisdhar. It takes 1-2 hours to cross the forest to reach the Kaisdhar Rest House.
Nature view from Kaisdhar

Kaisdhar is a great place to pitch your tents and you can also book a forest rest house as per the availability. A small canteen provides every possible requirement for an overnight arrangement. You can witness an incredible valley view from there which will leave you spellbound.


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