Jathani – A beautiful village of Lugvalley

Jathani village is located in Lugvalley of Kullu district. It is one of the most beautiful places in Lugvalley. There is a grandeur of forests, fields, gardens and mountains around the Jathani village. Jathani shares a beautiful view of the valley. Jethani village comes under Gram Panchayat Bhalyani. You can also get a spectacular view of Bhalyani village.

Jathani Mandir
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In the village’s centre is a temple of ‘Shri Katrusi Narayana’ (Lord Shri Krishna). Actually, it is the abode of Lord Krishna ji. It is from here that the order is given by Lord Shri Krishna ji to organize all the divine programs like fairs, festivals etc.

Kahika is one of the famous fairs of Shri Katrusi Narayana ji which is held after every four years. This fair is organized in Bhalyani village but is also celebrated by the people of the village. They also celebrate this fair with full enthusiasm.

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Geographical view

Jathani is about 14 KM from the Kullu. It takes about 45-50 minutes to reach the village. Its altitude is about 2019 meters (6624 ft) above sea level.

Nearest city

Kullu is the nearest town to the Jathani which is 14 km away from the village. It is also the district headquarters of the village.

How to reach Jathani

  • Via Road:

Jathani is about 14 KM from the Kullu. You can reach here via road transportation. It takes about 45-50 minutes to reach the village.

Best places to visit near Jathani

The trek to Mathasaur also starts from Jathani village which is a moderate trek and is famous for its panoramic nature view and Mata Fugni Temple.


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Kaisdhar is a great place to pitch your tents. The main attraction of Kaisdhar is the Forest Rest House, which was built by the British Government in 1920-21.

Kaisdhar Rest House

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Tarapur Garh is situated at the top of the height of the Kullu and Mandi Border. A fantastic view of nature can be seen here.

Tarapur Garh, Lugvalley

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Dehnasar Trek, also known as Dynasaur or Dehnasaur or Dyna Trek, is one of the highest treks in Himachal Pradesh from Kullu and Kangra. On your trip to Dehnasar, you will be captivated by the many villages, cinematic views and lakes.

Dehnasar Trek
image by @hitender_singh_sen

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There are also sacred places. You need permission to go there. Apart from this, some commands also have to be followed. Also, tobacco and leather are strictly prohibited in this area.

Nearest Schools

  • Govt. Sen. Sec. School Bhalyani
  • Saraswati Vidya Mandir, Bhalyani
  • Govt. Sen. Sec. School Bhuthi

Nearest Temples

  • Shri Krishna Temple, Jathani
  • Fugani Mata Temple, Mathasaur
  • Shri Krishna Temple, Bhalyani
  • Devta Veer Kaila Dehru, Marghan
Bhalyani Temple

Nearest Hospitals

  • Primary Health Centre, Bhalyani ( Dispensary )
  • Health Center Bhuthi ( PHC Dhochak )
  • Regional Hospital Kullu

Nearest Villages


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