Badasaur – A Beautiful Place Of Lugvalley

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Badasaur is one of the hidden and unexplored places in Kullu-Manali. Badasaur is situated amidst deodar forest and mountain peaks. The word ‘Badasaur’ is derived from the two words ‘Bada’ and ‘Saur’. In the local language of Kullu, the word ‘Bada’ means ‘big or vast’ and the word ‘Saur’ means ‘Lake’.

There is a temple of ‘Shri Katrusi Narayan’ (Shri Krishna) in Badasaur and Badasaur has sacred significance for the local people of the valley. So there are certain rules and regulations to be followed. Also, tobacco, alcohol and leather are strictly prohibited in this area.

Shri Krishna Temple at Badasaur

Badasaur is also an excellent trekking destination that passes through the deodar forest. It is about 15 km from Kullu. It is a beautiful place with meadows and dense forests. The place offers a panoramic view of the surrounding valleys and villages. The starry sky becomes alluring during the night, making you feel something different from the world. Some of the major treks of the valley pass through this beautiful destination.

Forest & Mountains

How To Reach Badasaur

  • Via Kullu Bhumteer Rd: To reach Badasaur from Kullu city, you have to travel from Lugvalley road to Bhumteer (12 km). After reaching Bhumteer where the road ends, the short trek through dense deodar forest begins towards Badasaur. Our first destination is Mathasaur which takes around 40 minutes to reach. After that, it hardly takes about 40-45 minutes to cross the forest to reach Badasaur.
  • Via Kullu-Jathani Rd: You can also reach Badasaur via Jathani village. This route gives you ample treks and mesmerizing views to reach Badasaur. It hardly takes one and half hours to reach Badasaur after completing your 13 km road journey to Jathani. This is also a very easy and convenient way to reach Badasaur.
Mid of the forest at Badasaur Trek
  • Via Kullu-Bhalyani Rd: You can also reach Badasaur via Bhalyani village. This route gives you more treks to reach Badasaur. During your visit to Badasaur via Bhalyani, you will come across several villages and temples. It takes around 1 hour to reach Badasaur after finishing the road trip from Bhalyani.

Note:- Do not spread dirt anywhere. Keep the environment clean.

Tour and Travel

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